What my Clients have to say about me

“Your aura is divine, your empathy, sensitivity, understanding, compassionate nature sets you apart. You are not only noted tarot reader but a wonderful soul. May you touch many lives as mine. Can’t thank you enough! I came to you in stress but I am going back peacefully. Wish you loads of luck, love & wishes. God Bless & Angels Bless.”

-Sheetal R Ahuja

“Love the atmosphere and you made my birthday special. Thank you! Love to come back again and take the spiritual journey.”


“Thanks for being such a Divine, Assuring Blessed Guidance follows. You’re a beautiful human being. God Bless.”


“I feel very peaceful. I always get my answers with full positivity. Divine aura. God Bless.”


“Thanks Hemlata, for helping us. Many of things get sorted out & hope all our worries go away & we all live happily in future.”


“Hema is a wonderful person. Her love and commitment to help her clients is truly rare and magnificent. God Bless you Hema!”


“I love you! Without you my life would have been so boring, sad and all those negative things. You give me reasons to be positive. For me, you are my angel who is always watching over me and protecting me. You are one of the most positive people I have met in my life and I am only grateful to God for having met you. You light up my life and besides all this… You Are A True Friend! Love You…”


“Hema & I go back a long way. She was just starting her career & I was desperately seeking answers. I am still seeking answers but the only difference is that from a Tarot Card Reader, Hema is family today. There’s nothing that she doesn’t know about me. I love the fact that she always goes out of her way to help in whichever way possible, much beyond just tarot reading. She’s happy only when I’m happy, never Change! God Bless!!!”


“Hemlata is a selfless soul, who will go out of her way to help people in whichever way she can! She is professional in her job. Please always be the good human being that you are!!! God Bless always.”