Tarot Card Reading

What is Tarot Card Reading

The art of divining through Tarot is a means to become aware of the free will you possess to make the change you want. Divination is not about prediction, but about guidance. It is about becoming aware of what is, rather what you think is. It is a tool of bringing about awareness.

Since time immemorial, there have been gifted, precious ones who have been able to guide humanity to better times. Such wise ones have been able to bring wandering, lost souls into awareness of actual existence. They have been gifted with the ability to channel universal energies to awaken the subconscious to their power of free will and this is exactly what divination is all about.

Wise men and women were never concerned with the accuracy of their prediction. In fact, they were always concerned about the well being of the seeker. They empowered seekers to overcome their karmic bondages in order to co-author their coming destiny. They empowered individuals to light the candle of their existence.

This is the very basis of any tool of divination!

Unfortunately, as time went by many-a-wise ones got carried away by the accuracy of their predictions and misled their students to becoming accurate predictors, rather than compassionate guides. This is where trouble began. Divinating wise ones, became self-acclaimed voices of God. They took it upon them to predict doomsday, as well as celebration. They forgot that there is a higher power above them. Their ego took over them.

The accuracy of their predictions came to be attributed to their own abilities. They became God-men and God-women. Many such divinators moved into oblivion and have suffered painfully. Thus, it is important to remember that when on the path of divination, you are not a God-person, but a medium of God’s messages of Light, Love and empowerment.

You are simply a medium of the energies flowing and not the energy itself! When the ego comes into existence, then only accuracy of predictions matter, because that is what you consider to be your greatness. So, if you see a negative time for the individual, you actually start heralding it into their lives, by the power of your words. You wish it come true, because that is your accuracy! And if such be the situation, then step back and do not divinate, till humility and surrender with compassion does not flow through you.

Let the messages of the Tarot flow through you. When a negative card does appear in a reading, it is not a prophecy, but a warning. Tune in with the universal energies and guide the individual through to safer and happier times.

It is in your hands to minimize the impact of a possible negative phase coming into a seeker’s life; as well as enhance the possible impact of a possible positive phase coming into a seeker’s life.

Understanding this is the first step to becoming an empowering Tarot Divinator!

Everyone who seeks answers is coming to actually seek awareness, empowerment and awakening to their free will. This is your responsibility. Guide them to the light of existence.

Tarot is the tool that helps you understand what kind of phase the seeker is possibly coming towards, and how the individual needs to deal with it. The seeker is seeking your guidance. You are responsible for bringing them to spiritual awareness, helping them peel away their karmic bondages, so that they use their natural power of free will.

Till the moment a seeker comes to you, everything that has occurred in their life is their destiny; from the moment the session ends they become a co-author of their tomorrow, as they are awakened to the power and ability of free will.

Tarot as a tool of divination is not just used for guiding others, but has been used as a tool for self-guidance and awakening. It helps make one aware of all the blockages they are facing, and how they can be broken down.

Our journey is from deep-rooted belief-systems and impressions to faith and surrender. Peeling away the roots of beliefs, superstitions and impressions that create karma, we move towards complete faith and surrender. We come into the knowledge and awareness that we are in a situation to learn something; and not suffer.

Guidance and divination with the Tarot helps us bring this awakening to seekers, and ourselves. I use different decks to get clarity to what the person is looking for.

As a Divinator, there is something very important for you to remember:

When healing others, you are actually healing a part of you and your existence. Always be in complete awareness of the words that flow through you, as they are not just meant for the seeker, but for you too. This will also keep you in humbleness, always!

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