What is Progression

Progression therapy in order to help an individual evaluate decisions in this life by accessing a memory that belongs to a future life. By doing so an individual can change or address issues that may be preventing them to be able to move forward. Future life progression therapy is much similar to past life regression therapy but instead of focusing on memories from past lives to help issues concerning the present an individual looks forward into future memories in order to continue moving forward in this life.

A future life progression therapy session usually involves five stages. First, a case history is reviewed by the hypnotherapist and individual as well as a list of goals of what the individual is intending on achieving through the session. Second, relaxation and meditation is practiced and conditioned in order for the individual to reach and access their memories. Third, the hypnotherapist will guide the individual through significant and eventful memories that may have taken place during a future life. Fourth, an individual will focus on healing any unhelpful memories and patterns that may be affecting them in their current life. Finally, the hypnotherapist and the individual will attempt to understand the connections between the future life and the present.

Future life progression therapy, and past life progression therapy, are great meditational techniques that may help individuals stay on their spiritual pathway as well as continue moving forward in their spiritual process. The point of future life progression therapy is to not know the future or events that may take place in the future but to understand how the decisions made today may affect our own spiritual journeys.

Individuals who have experienced both past life and future life progression therapies have reported feelings of ease, clarity, understanding, and even inspiration concerning their current lives. Hypnotherapy techniques have also been reported to be useful with weight loss, smoking addiction, and even insomnia.

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