Past Life Regression

What is Past Life Regression

Why does past life regression work time and time again if there is no such thing as karma and no carry over of problems from past lives?

There are two things potentially happening when someone has a very real feeling past life regression that leads to healing. But I must first say…These circumstances where people heal after past life regression sessions are very real. It is not that they are delusional and nothing is occurring. The first thing that is happening when people regress into past lives, is that they are entering the seventh dimension and above. In the seventh dimension and above, separation is not a notion that exists. And so the “individuality” is lost. What they are accessing is any life (not necessarily even their own) that has been lived that most closely matches the vibration of their current life or current problem. And so by dealing with the “idea or memory” of that life time, they are healing the vibration itself; the very vibration that is activated and causing problems right here and now in their current life. And so their problem improves.

The second is that if a person was in fact tapping into a past life which belongs to their soul stream and their soul stream only, then the past life they are seeing contains an experience which they have “reactivated” in this life. Meaning if they gained a lot of expansion by being abandoned in a past life, they may opt for a different kind of abandonment to experience in this life. And so, the current problem they are having in their life (even though it is a function of this life) relates to the past life because the experience has been chosen again. People are very bad at recognizing correlated vibrations. For example, it’s easier to see abandonment in the form of actually being abandoned as a child (what a person would find when they looked into a past life) than it is to realize that they had that exact same feeling when their dad went to work too much when they were a child in this life. They invalidate or don’t recognize the extremity of how they felt relative to things in this life (usually in childhood) such as dad working too much. And so, it’s easier to believe that the feelings are a carryover from a past life than that they originated from this life (which doesn’t seem extreme enough to inspire those fears or problems etc).

You could heal any problem without ever having to know a single past life because when you die and re emerge with non physical energy, you “reset”. You line up with and become the culmination of everything that life has inspired you to become and to want (pure positive energy)… No hang-ups. You then decide to opt back into more contrast (both good and not so good) to expand further by coming into another life. Your decision to do that is always inspired from the platform of what your previous life has caused you to become. So your past lives are part of why you choose this life over that life. But all the problems you currently have going, are a function of this life and this life only. It just so happens that those problems often vibrationally match up with a previous life you have either lived or someone has lived.

It must be said that ultimately (because the truth of oneness) at one level, every life that has ever been lived is your past life. That doesn’t make them any less valid.

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