Feng Shui

What is Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a technique that analyses the environment through geomancy (divination through means of figures lines or geographical features) as well as ancient Chinese beliefs based on the Tao (the way of nature.)

Traditional Feng Shui has its roots in the Tao. Chinese philosophers saw a rhythm or flow connecting humanity and nature. They believed that the laws of nature were also the laws of living. In China five thousand years ago a system came about that demonstrates that connection. Elements in nature such as; earth, metal, water, wood and fire helped them to describe a certain personality that a place had. It provided them with certain connections to interpret concerning these symbols. It gave them a simple way to understand and cooperate with the powerful laws of nature and energy. They believed as is believed today that energy of chi has its own personality of the chi in that space. The belief that existed then and exists now is that when the space you live in is balanced with harmony and good chi that life can be good for you.

The meaning of Feng Shui is Wind and Water. It refers to the topography of the earth as well as its mountains and waterways. It refers to how the shapes, sizes, directions and energy levels are created by the two powerful (Wind and Water) forces of nature. It refers to how the energies of Wind and Water circulate on earth.

Energizing the place with Feng Shui removes the negativity and brings in positive energy in every area of life.

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