Energy Circles and Law of Attraction

Energy Circles and Law of Attraction

When you CONSIDER the Law of Attraction – that which is like unto itself is drawn – you may recognize that as your thoughts and feelings are projected out into the world, you draw the experiences you have to you.

When you PUT your name ON something, you are laying claim to it. What if an Energy Circle WITH your name inside it is you laying claim to the energy that is inside it…the Switchwords, Defusing Words, Homeopathic Remedies…whatever healing is intended WITH the Energy Circle? Because it has your name within, it is specific to you.

If you CHOOSE to CREATE Energy Circles without names included, then, just as a green curtain hanging passively in a room adds its energy to that room, so does an Energy Circle, placed specifically in a room. The design of a room creates the energy FLOW of the room. We use specific colors, textures and forms to CREATE the specific atmosphere we want in a room. What if the same is true WITH the Energy Circles…they ADD to the atmosphere of the specific place where we KEEP them?

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