Angel Card Reading

What is Angel Card Reading

Angel Therapy (pioneered by Doreen Virtue in 1996) is a non- denominational spiritual healing method that involves working with a person`s Guardian Angels and Archangels to heal and harmonize every aspect of our life for our highest good. We can heal our bodies, mind, emotions, relationships, families, careers, finances and all other areas of our lives with their Divine assistance. Angel Therapy also empowers us to receive Divine Guidance more clearly from the Creator and the Angels and make our lives more beautiful and peaceful.

Angels are a separate order of being from humankind. Angels are energy beings who live in the non physical realms that surround us. They are messengers of Source and Spirit. They are real, and they are universal. They appear to, work with, and love all beings and extend their energy ,information, and assistance to all. They are not exclusively affiliated with or to any single religion, life form, planet, Solar System, or Reality.

The angels are messengers and guides. They are another order of being. Just as people, dogs, fish, plants, birds, rocks, are all physical beings so the angels, deva, fairy, elementals etc. are all non physical beings of realms that exist in the same space. Angels are partners in the spiritual evolution of all beings. It is important to know that usually angels must be asked or invited to help and to work with us in order for them to do so. Humans do have spiritual bodies and may become guides out of body but contrary to legend, humans do not become at least usually, angels after death though as the appearance of a human spirit or an angel is taken from the thoughts of people a human spirit may appear to be an angel and an angel may appear to be a human.


We all have guardian angels that are with us from birth to death. These angels love us unconditionally and look past our human errors and superficial behavior and see only our potential goodness and perfection –the love and light within us that we have brought with us from the creator. Our guarding angels never change. They are messenger of God who are totally egoless. They are celestial and non-human beings and are not our relatives or friends (who are often our spirit guides).

Most of us have at least 2 guardian angels. The first angel is COMFORTING ANGEL who comforts us during our time of disappointments and needs. This angel is very quite. The second guardian angel is our Coach and Motivator. This angel who is urging us to do the right things, is easier to hear in our heart, mind and feelings. Many of us have more than 2 guarding angels. You can ask for as many guarding angel as you like. Never worry that you are bothering your guarding angels. They have been assigned to you by the Creator and are completely devoted to your peace, joy, health and happiness. However, they are not allowed to usurp your free will. You can ask for their help in any way- with thoughts, words, songs and images. How you ask them for help is not as important as sincerely asking them. On a soul level, we all know our guarding angels from birth. When babies smile and pets gaze around, they are feeling and sensing the presence of their angels

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